Wholesale / Keystone Pricing


“A pricing method whereby merchandise is priced for resale at an amount that is double the wholesale price or cost of the product”

This Keystone Agreement is made and effective this DATE __________,


__________ (the "Customer").

BIKE WORKS (the "Seller"), a corporation organized and existing under

the laws of COLORADO, with its office located at:

4510 s Federal Blvd, Englewood, CO 80110.

All sales made by BIKE WORKS ("Seller") to you ("Customer") are governed by these

Terms and Conditions of Sale unless otherwise indicated by BIKE WORKS in writing.

Please read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly before using our Keystone pricing.

The Seller reserves the right to amend or modify these Terms and Conditions of sale at any

time at its sole discretion. Seller shall not accept Customer's purchase orders unless and until

The customer consents to these Terms and Conditions of Sale and completes the Keystone.

These Terms and Conditions of Sale as outlined in this document will govern all transactions

between Customer and Seller. These Terms and Conditions of Sale also apply to all future

transactions unless modified in writing and signed by Seller and Customer.

  1. Distribution grant

Seller hereby grants to Customer and Customer accepts from Seller the non-exclusive

right to distribute BIKE WORKS products subject to all terms and conditions outlined in

this Agreement.

Customer shall not, directly or indirectly, including through any agents, distribute, market, sell or

solicit orders for any BIKE WORKS products on any of the third-party selling platforms,

including, but not limited to Amazon, eBay, and other shops. Customer further covenants and agrees not to distribute, market, or sell BIKE WORKS products to any person if the Customer knows or has any reason to believe that such BIKE WORKS product will be resold by such person, directly or indirectly, on any of the selling platforms, including, but not limited to online retailers. If Customer becomes aware that any person to whom Customer supplies any BIKE WORKS product is marketing or selling, or is planning to market or sell, the BIKE WORKS product on any of the retail selling platforms, including, but not limited to online, Customer shall immediately notify Seller and shall cease forthwith to supply such person with  BIKE WORKS product.

  1. Method of ordering

Once the Customer's account has been established and a Keystone Agreement has been

signed, BIKE WORKS  will configure the Customer's account so that the customer has

access to BIKE WORKS Keystone prices. The Customer must place the Keystone order online via our email or phone and the Keystone account will only provide access to Keystone products.

  1. Acceptance of orders

All orders placed by the Customer are subject to the Seller's acceptance. Seller hereby reserves the

right to reject any order, in whole, or part, for any reason whatsoever.

  1. Minimum Retail 

The minimum retail cost advertised shall not dip below 2$ MSRP of the product of BIKE WORKS.

  1. Payments

BIKE WORKS  accept any of the following methods of payment for wholesale accounts:

  1. a) Payments

BIKE WORKS accept any of the following methods of payment for wholesale accounts:

  • Credit card (Visa, MC, etc.)
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Certified cashier's check from a major banking institution
  • COD (Cash. On. Delivery.)  payments 

All wholesale account payments will be subject to a "waiting" period to verify clearance of the

funds before any shipment will be made. After the funds have been properly verified as released

and deposited to Seller's accounts, shipment of requested products will be sent.

All orders must be paid in full at the time of purchase. The seller will not ship any unpaid order

  1. b) Shipping

Orders will be shipped by the Seller via UPS, DHL, FedEx, or another company. Alternatively,

orders may be shipped by any method arranged for by the Customer. BIKE WORKS will

try to accommodate all rush orders.

Most small orders, up to 10 units, are shipped within 5 business days after

order and payment are received.

Special orders and backorders will require additional time and can be estimated at the

customer's request on a case-by-case basis.

Actual shipping time is contingent upon the availability of goods and credit verification. Seller will not

be responsible for shipping delays caused by a carrier.

All orders over 1,000$ within 60 minutes of the BIKE WORKS office will be delivered by request of the buyer. 

  1. c) Notice of defects

The Customer is responsible for inspecting the goods upon receipt. Any goods with visible

damage must be reported to the Seller, upon receipt of the goods, in the customer's warehouse.

The Customer shall notify the Seller in writing, within 5 days of receipt of the goods by the

Customer, of any claim for damage resulting from any defect in the goods discovered by the

Customer, including, without limitation, claims relating to missing parts, quality, or specifications.

The Seller is not responsible for missing parts when deliveries are intended for a third party

other than the Customer.

  1. Acceptance of late or defective merchandise

Failure by the Customer to provide written notice of a claim, as set out in these Terms and

Conditions of Sale constitute a waiver of any future claim that the Customer may have for

damages resulting from such defects, including late delivery.

  1. Changes to pricing & products

Prices are subject to change without notice. All goods will be shipped at the prices in effect at

the time of shipping. The Seller reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change packaging

and any included documentation. All orders are subject to availability.

  1. Confidentiality

The customer shall not disclose and shall otherwise maintain the confidentiality of all pricing

information, terms, and advance product information supplied by the seller. Publishing or

revealing the wholesale pricing of the Seller's product line outside of the business of the

Customer is strictly forbidden without prior written consent from the Seller.

Failure to preserve the Seller's confidentiality in its wholesale pricing will result in the immediate

and permanent termination of the wholesale status of the Customer. The Seller reserves the right to

seek compensation for any loss or damages that would result from any breach of confidentiality.

  1. Buyback policy

Bike Works shall honor a buyback on a trial purchase.  The buyback period shall exist for up to 2 months after the initial sale is made. Bike Works will cover up to 1 of each product variant for the buyback. 

Customer’s Printed name _______________________

Customer’s  Signature      _______________________

By signing this document you are hereby agreeing to all of the information disclosed above.