Henry Bretz

Henry Bretz is a young entrepreneur whose journey into the world of business began with a passion for bicycles.

In November 2021, Henry filed the articles of incorporation, marking the official birth of his brainchild, Bike Works. What started as an idea soon gained some momentum, and the gears began to turn. Bike Works has now secured a presence in over 100+ retail spaces across the county.

Henry openly acknowledges the road has been paved with challenges and hiccups. He admits that there are aspects he would redo differently if given the chance, but he views these experiences as invaluable lessons in his ongoing journey.

One of the most significant takeaways from Henry's venture is the breadth of knowledge he has acquired. From the art of sales and the intricacies of collections to navigating the legal system, Henry's learning curve has been steep and enlightening. 

For Henry Bretz, the journey of starting and growing Bike Works has been an educational experience. He firmly believes that the lessons learned during this endeavor are priceless, serving as the cornerstone of his aspirations for the future.



Written by Adem Orozco: 9/19/2023 12:04 PM